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In March, the tea party
Release time:2016-06-28 07:09:10
In March 31, 2016, our monthly tea party in the company conference room on the third floor on schedule. Meeting on the company's development goals in 2016 and the company's current bottlenecks in the market to explore the problem, the company chairman Zhang, vice president of the company, deputy chief of staff and staff were discussed. Meeting chaired by the general manager of the company and Thanksgiving training.Chairman of the company in 2016 on the situation of titanium material evaluation and outlook, the current market is still in the doldrums, competition between the industry, production and supply and demand contradiction is still increasing. As the largest production enterprises are: 1, to do their own product quality; 2, the enterprise to innovation and development; 3, the construction of excellent personnel. Is the three aspects of thematic discussion, the common understanding to the problem of substantive, 2016 accmplish job made a position statement.
Company vice president Tong on the market and we are discussed, firm the confidence, to tide over the crisis, development Tengxin titanium industry, increase new product to occupy the market, to the customer service and maintenance of customers for guidance.
Vice president of the company on product research and development and technical aspects of the guidance of the relevant issues, and to the general staff in combination with the production process, service links, customers and other aspects of the use of the guidance.
At the end of the meeting, the general manager of the general manager of the staff to conduct a code of conduct and personal qualities to improve the training of thanksgiving.
After the meeting, the staff generally agreed that the meeting was very successful, and their position to speak, and to give the company hopes and hopes. Hope that the development of a new level of the building, for our products to market their own contribution to the strength.
The meeting was carried out for 2.5 hours, from 7 to 9:30 in the afternoon.