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Address:Shenzhen New District of Longhua City, Dalang Street stone Guanan Fung Industrial District 3 Building 1 floor

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Company news

  • 2016-06-28In March, the tea party

    In March 31, 2016, our monthly tea party in the company conference room on the third floor on schedule. Meeting on the company's development goals in 2016 and the company's current bottlenecks in the market to explore the problem, the company chairman Zhang, vice president of the company, deputy chief of staff and staff were discussed. Meeting chaired by the general manager of the company and Thanksgiving training.[Read more]

  • 2016-01-23I Division in the SCO countries Commodity Fair

    September 24-26, Shanghai Cooperation Organization Countries Commodity Fair held in Xi'an, Shaanxi, State Councilor Wang Yong attended the opening ceremony and visited some of the exhibition stands. Vice Minister of Commerce Fang Aiqing said at the opening ceremony.
    Fang Aiqing in his speech said that Shanghai Cooperation Organization Countries Commodity Fair is proposed by President Xi Jinping in 2014 the SCO Dushanbe summit initiative, is also the SCO was established 14 years to host the national commodity exhibition, for countries to carry out economic and trade exchanges and provides a good opportunity, SCO regional countries, different stages of development, different resource endowments, industrial structure is different, complementary sex is very strong, deepen economic cooperation in the region and the potential is huge.[Read more]

  • 2015-07-27Preparation technology of low cost titanium alloy ingot

    Titanium and titanium alloy materials because of its low density, high specific strength, good toughness, non-magnetic, resistance to corrosion and excellent comprehensive performance in civil aviation, aerospace, ships, nuclear power and other fields and petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, biomedical and other market is widely used. But because of its high cost, limited its further popularization of civil.[Read more]

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